Ongoing Fundraising Without Selling

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Does your school, church, youth group, health service project, or community service organization need a regular source of funding?

What if your group did not have to sell anything?

Could you use an idea that is an ongoing source of donations, sources that don’t require a full department to administer?, through 25 years’ experience, has a program that makes at least one area of your fundraising easy. And, if you have a donor/client/member database 90% of your work is already done! NO, we do NOT require access to your database! 
With Traveling4Funds vacation and corporate travel by your supporters, teachers, or employees & their referrals into an ongoing income stream that can be from $200 a month to several thousand dollars.  


For complete details on this exclusive, free, program click TRAVELING4FUNDS.COM where you can register your organization. is an affiliate site owned and operated in conjunction with Sendmeaway Vacations